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“When Tillage Begins, Other Arts Follow.
The Farmers, Therefore, Are The Founders Of Human Civilization..”

—Daniel Webster 

Em breve... Português!

What is A Farm to Start

     A Farm to Start was born from Marco Garcia, a young Portuguese man with a long traditional family history of working the land in the rural centre of Portugal within the region of Castelo Branco.

     He could see many issues impacting his family and the local community, so his insight and passion gave him a purpose to bring positive change to the region.

The Local Issues

Forest fires

Ageing population in the farming community 

Decline in young people who are moving away from rural areas

Farming is becoming increasingly more difficult with inflation and costs

of production

Decline in food production

Loss of businesses

Decline in tourism

Difficulty doing it on your own and with no support

What we offer you

  • Help people to return to rural areas of Portugal
  • Get started with either land that belongs to the Association or help to purchase their own land
  • We have contacts to help you to find land to purchase
  • Access to equipment ie trucks, tractors, farming equipment
  • Support and knowledge
  • Support to build off grid structures and accommodation
  • Help from our legal team with Portuguese residency, purchasing land or other legal matters related to the project

What we would expect from you

     Tell us about what you would like to do and how you would like to fit in with the Association. Every case is different… 

  • Join the Association for a small monthly membership
  • Get involved with other members and the activities of the Association
  • Optional investment into the Association to help us

You help us and we help you. We are looking for win-win partnerships.

What we all have in common is the desire to produce our own food, live sustainably and to be part of a growing community where each and every person has their own piece of land to live and thrive.

We also have interest and support from the local councils as we are helping to resolve some major issues that this region is facing.

If you would like an informal conversation to find out more and to get involved please get in contact.

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If you need more information, please give us a call:
Claudio Gonçalves (+351) 967 525 837
L. Petito (+351) 913 158 985


Visit Us

If you would like to visit us, we are in the Sertã, Oleiros e Proença-a-Nova municipalities.