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The SOUL of the Straw

     It’s our Association legal name:
ALMA da Palha – Associação Local e Multicultural Amigos da Palha”. 


What is A Farm to Start

     A Farm to Start was born from Marco Garcia, a young Portuguese man with a long traditional family history of working the land in the rural centre of Portugal within the region of Castelo Branco.

     He could see many issues impacting his family and the local community, so his insight and passion gave him a purpose to bring positive change to the region.




      We’ve had some questions about the Association, so we try to answer some of then here…

More detailed or specific questions could be sent by email or directly contact us!

Claudio Gonçalves (+351) 967 525 837
L. Petito (+351) 913 158 985

Your Questions

  • How does the project work and how does it develop?
  • Is it as if it were a monthly fee association and they use the funds for machines and so on?
  • And with regard to the bureaucratic part, on what can be built on the land, etc., is there support in this regard?
  • I also read on social media that the association has “lands” or farms for sale, how can I check them?



We are an association with a monthly fee of €20 per household.

Our purpose is to make it possible for people to come to the interior of the country and to develop spaces where we can develop the tourist and production part, which allows us, above all, to be sustainable in terms of food, energy and water. We want to have conditions at the level of structures, at the level of support that allows the recovery of life in the centre of the Territory.

We help foreigners with the residency processes, with trips to banks, public services, etc. because we must help all those who do not speak our language.

We develop bio constructions and intend to create our own office to facilitate legalisation in our territory.

Our Association already has “our” lands where we intend to develop bio constructions that allow us to receive people who want to reside permanently, helping with maintenance and food production.

We will also develop buildings that allow us to receive visitors, helping to develop tourism in this part of the interior of the country.

On the social and ecological side, we are developing spaces where we strive for cleanliness, and later exchange parts of disordered forest (usually pine and eucalyptus in monoculture) for fruit trees.  

We preserve traditional agriculture. We produce olive oil, honey, medronho and food in our first base, where we combine this space with animals, especially goats, from which we produce the best “olive cheese!”.

We will always use environmentally friendly practices and voluntarily develop forest clearings around our spaces, which will allow us, in addition to protecting our spaces, to contribute to the reduction of biomass and fuel for fire.

We already have several properties available to share, which we are developing and some of which we intend to sell. We have properties in the municipalities of Proença-a-Nova, Sertã and Oleiros and others that we know the owners and facilitate the processes… And the perspective is to grow!

To all associates we will offer, in addition to all this, our spirit of delivery to this part of the country, and also 1 product each month throughout the year.

We need all the help, as associates, partners or collaborators…

We will do our share!


Create a beautiful farm!